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External solar panel

Technical datasheet & user guide

Download the External solar panel datasheet (pdf)

Download the External solar panel user guide (pdf)

Séquences de prises vues Tikee 3 PRO+ vs Tikee 3 PRO+ connecté au panneau solaire externe

These figures can be significantly increased by using the Tikee in outdoor time-lapse conditions on battery and solar panel.

The autonomy of the Tikee depends on several factors :
- the amount of sunlight and the good exposure of the Tikee's solar panel ;
- the type of time-lapse (short or long term) and the shooting interval;
- whether or not the photos are sent to the cloud and the quality of the connection.
- the chosen image resolution
- the outdoor temperature
- Enlaps external solar panel connection

Updated on: 03/02/2023