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How can I see the photos and videos I’m shooting? Is live-view available?

The images are uploaded by the Tikee at defined intervals. The settings allow you to adjust this interval as well as the number of images for each upload.

With each upload, the Tikee will log in, and send its information and available photos.

The information and photos that you can see for your point of view are those that the Tikee uploaded the last time it connected.

There is therefore a time delay between the images you can see online, and your shot. This delay varies depending on the camera settings. In standard use, it goes from a few minutes to a few hours.

For example: Your Tikee is set to take a photo every 20 minutes and to upload the photos in batches of 3. It will then connect every hour.

Please note that this upload interval can be modified and has an impact on the battery life of the device.

How to choose the view on the viewer?

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Aktualisiert am: 22/12/2022