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Connect to your Tikee with Bluetooth

How do you connect to your Tikee via Bluetooth from the Tikee Remote mobile application?

To connect to your Tikee via Bluetooth for the first time, you'll first need to create an account on myTikee and download the Tikee Remote mobile application to your phone (available on the Play Store and the App Store).

Turn on your Tikee by pressing the left button on the back panel.

Activate Bluetooth and geolocation on your phone and open the Tikee Remote application.
If you haven't already done so, log in to your myTikee account on the mobile application (with the same credentials you use on myTikee) or create an account.

Press the Tikee to search for Tikees around you, then select your Tikee's serial number (available on the label under the Tikee).

Once the Bluetooth connection is successful, you'll be taken to the mobile application's Tikee page.

What to do if you can't connect your Tikee in Bluetooth to your phone or tablet?

The maximum range of Bluetooth is 30 meters.

After 30 minutes of inactivity (without any interaction / connection / shooting in progress or planned), the Tikee camera turns off and is no longer visible in Bluetooth. It is then necessary to turn it back on manually by pressing the left button on the back panel.

First check the following points:

The characteristics of your mobile / tablet are compatible: Bluetooth 4.1 and Android 6.0 minimum or iOS 10 minimum.
The Bluetooth of your mobile is on and your device is visible.
Your mobile's geolocation is activated.
Your Tikee Remote mobile application is up to date.

Unlink your Tikee (ex: T-123456) from your phone's Bluetooth settings

Close and relaunch the mobile application once Bluetooth is turned on. If necessary, log out of your account and log back in.

On some mobiles, a notification may appear in the background of the screen. In this case, do not forget to confirm it.

Updated on: 27/06/2023