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How does the preview work?

The preview requires that the Tikee and the mobile device on which the Tikee Remote application is installed have a network connection, and that these two devices are connected via Bluetooth.

The right and left images are sent by the Tikee to the cloud and then downloaded by the mobile application.

How to launch a preview from the Tikee Remote mobile application?

Turn on your Tikee and connect via Bluetooth from the Tikee Remote mobile app.
If your Tikee's battery level is under 50%, please plug it in a power source.

Perform a connection test (4G or WiFi) to make sure that your Tikee is connected to the internet.

Click on the Preview button on the Tikee page of the Tikee Remote mobile application.

The right and left images taken by the Tikee will appear on your phone screen after a few minutes.

Is it possible to have a merged panoramic image during the preview?

Only the unstitched right and left images are available for preview. The stitching is set on several pairs of images, it is not possible to get a panoramic image before.

What to do if the Preview does not work on your Tikee?

Check that your SD card is supported and read by the Tikee : on the mobile app Tikee page, you should see the storage space available on the micro SD card.
Format your SD card (this will delete all data on the SD card)
Perform an internet connection test in WiFi or 4G / LTE

Updated on: 05/07/2022