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Start a sequence on Tikee Remote

Your Tikee is asking to start a sequence immediately, but you want the sequence to start later.

In order to activate the shooting, it is, in fact, necessary to confirm the immediate launching of the sequence after your configuration is complete. The sequence will still start on the programmed date.
If you select "No", the shooting will not be activated, the sequence will not be launched and the Tikee will switch off after 30 minutes.

Your recording sequence hasn't started.

To launch a programmed sequence, you can select "start recording" on the Tikee Remote mobile application, or press the button on the back of the Tikee camera (camera logo).

In the case of a sequence programmed via myTikee, you must take into account the delay before the next Tikee synchronization (see 1.8, synchronization in progress).

Updated on: 20/06/2022