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Purchase and Sale of Tikee Camera

Preparing to Sell a Tikee Camera:

Deleting data and Unpair myTikee Account:

You must delete your data stored in your tikee before you unpair it. Unpair myTikee Account:
Ensure your Tikee camera is unpaired from your myTikee account before selling. This maintains your privacy protection and helps the new owner set up their own account.

Check Camera Condition:

Assess the physical and operational condition of the Tikee camera.
You can take clear photos of the camera from different angles to show its current state.

Prepare Documentation:

Gather all original documentation, including manuals and any warranty information.
Make a list of any additional accessories that will be included in the sale.
Reset: Perform a reset on the Tikee camera to clear any personalized settings or data.
This ensures the new owner starts with a clean slate.

Payment method:

Choose a secure payment method for the transaction: Consider using platforms that offer buyer and seller protection.


Safely pack the Tikee camera for shipping, ensuring it is well-protected during transit. Include all necessary accessories and documentation.

Purchasing a Second-Hand Tikee Camera:

Request Purchase Receipt:

Ask the seller for the purchase receipt or email invoice for the Tikee camera.
Verify the purchase date and any remaining warranty information.

Check Camera Condition:

Examine the provided photos and inquire about the physical and operational condition of the Tikee camera.

Secure Payment:

Use secure payment methods that offer buyer protection.
Confirm the agreed-upon payment method with the seller.

Make sure that the sellers have unpaired the tikee from their account, You can’t use your tikee if it is still associated with someone else's account.

Pair with myTikee Account:

Pair the Tikee camera with your myTikee account. Follow any instructions provided by Enlaps for a smooth setup.

Updated on: 11/12/2023