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Tikee battery life

What is the battery life without the use of a solar panel?

This depends on the shooting settings you have selected, as well as the quality of the network (the data below are valid with an average 4G throughput of about 400 KB/s).

For a Tikee PRO or PRO 2:

Without sunshine: 1 photo every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day:
- with the upload of photos to the server: 10 days of battery life
- without data upload: 30 days of battery life

For a Tikee PRO 2+, Tikee 3 or Tikee 3 PRO:

Without sunshine: 1 photo every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day:
- with the upload of photos to the server: 20 days of battery life
- without data upload: 60 days of battery life

How does the Tikee unit behave when the battery empties ?

The Tikee is programmed to function differently depending on charge:
From 100% to 30 % battery life : standard energy mode. Normal Tikee operations
From 30% to 15% : ECO mode. Tikee stops uploading images, stores shots onto the SD card. Tikee will resume uploading once it's battery reaches 60% charge.
Below 15% : Standby mode. Tikee will enter sleep mode until it reaches 30% charge, entering ECO mode.

How to charge the Tikee camera ?

Tikee can be charged with any 5V micro-USB charger (smartphone-type charger). We recommend using a 1A charger minimum.

Please allow 24 hours for a full charge with a 2A charger. The exact time depends on the model of charger used.

Your Tikee Camera no longer charges ?

For a long-term time-lapse sequence (over months or years), we recommend setting up the shooting interval to 15 minutes minimum (30 min is preferable) to insure good battery life over a long period of time.

Check WiFi/4G network reception quality. A slow bandwidth from bad reception or from a limited data cap can decrease battery life.
Check solar panel position (30° incline and southbound orientation), avoiding shade for optimal charging.
Check that the solar panel is clean and clear of any debris (dust, leaves, snow etc). Solar panel obstruction will prevent charging.
Check solar panel voltage through the mobile App in advanced settings > status , it should indicated between 4.9 and 5.1V.

I received a low battery notification but my Tikee is in normal energy mode.

This notification is sent as soon as battery levels drop under 30%, however in this case, the Tikee is sending, in winter and during extreme cold, an incorrect information can be sent by the Tikee.
The Tikee functioning in normal energy mode, battery percentage is in fact higher than 30%.

How does the Tikee behave when the battery is discharging?

The Tikee is programmed to operate differently depending on the battery level.

Battery from 100% to 30%: Normal power mode. The Tikee operates normally.

Battery from 30% to 15%: Eco mode. The Tikee does not send any more images, the shots are stored on the SD card. It will resume the upload only once the battery is above 60%.

Battery below 15%: Standby mode. The Tikee goes into standby and will revert to eco mode once the battery is above 30%.

I received a notification saying that the battery is low, but my Tikee is in normal power mode.

This notification is usually sent immediately after the battery drops below 30%. In this case however, the Tikee is simply sending back information that is skewed by the low outside temperature (this happens in winter especially).

Since your Tikee is in normal power mode, the battery percentage is actually above 30%. The information should be updated in the next few hours.

Updated on: 18/05/2022