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Tikee stopped connecting to myTikee

What should I do if my Tikee stops connecting to myTikee via 4g or WiFi?

If your Tikee misses a connection to myTikee, you'll receive an email alert and the last connection date will appear in orange on myTikee.

1. Wait 24 hours

A Tikee can miss a connection for several reasons. In this case, the Tikee resumes shooting and will attempt a new connection later.

2. After 48 hours

You'll have to go to the site to connect to the Tikee by Bluetooth via the mobile application to see what status it is in.

Provide an external battery to power the Tikee if necessary.

You can then :
update your Tikee (bring an SD card with the latest firmware version)
launch a connection test in 4G or Wi-Fi
restart your shooting sequence from the mobile application

For more information, before going to the site, you can open a ticket with our support department via this form by selecting "After Sales Service".

Updated on: 22/12/2022