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Email alerts

In which situations are email alerts sent?

Email alerts warn of different situations that can be encountered on a Tikee:

Loss of internet connection to the Tikee

No status has been received within the last 24 hours
No status has been received within the last three days

Battery level of your Tikee

The battery charge is low (less than 30%)
The battery charge is very low (less than 10%)

Storage of images on the SD card

Free space on the SD card is lower than 5 GB

Tikee firmware version

The tikee firmware is obsolete. We recommend updating to the latest version.

Tikee temperature

Temperature is low (less than -10°C)
Temperature is hight (more than 50°C)

How to activate e-mail alerts if a critical situation occurs on my Tikee?

A myTikee subscription is necessary to activate the email alerts.

These alerts can be activated for a given Tikee on myTikee.

From your Tikee Dashboard, click on the button below.

Tikee details

Activate e-mail alerts by sliding the button to the right.

Activate alerts

Updated on: 26/04/2023