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Storage space on myTikee

What counts in your storage space on myTikee?

All the images on your myTikee account are counted in your storage space. Your image pairs are counted as a single image.

Points of view with right or left images are counted in addition to panoramic images.

Blurred images (RGPD blurring and mask blurring) are counted in addition to the original images without blurring.

If you have duplicated a point of view, the images are only counted once.

The videos generated by the Timelapse Builder and present in your Exports and your Portfolios are not counted.

How much storage space do you have on myTikee depending on your offer?

With the free myTikee offer, you're allowed to store up to 10,000 images on your account.

If you have subscribed to myTikee licenses, you're entitled to 100,000 images per license.


3 licenses = 300,000 images authorized on your myTikee account

How to check the storage space available on your myTikee account?

You can check your storage space on your profile on myTikee in the "My infos" tile. You'll find the number of images in your account and the number of images you're allowed to store.

The number of images on your myTikee account is updated once a day. The images you just deleted will be deducted the next day.

How to increase your storage space on myTikee?

To increase your storage space, you can take out a myTikee subscription.

Up to 100,000 images per license.

How to free up storage space on myTikee?

To free up storage space on myTikee, you can download your images and then delete them from your myTikee account.

Be careful, any deletion is final.

Deleting images on myTikee won't impact your sequences or the images saved on your micro SD card

Delete several images in a point of view

You can delete certain images from a point of view from the editing page.
To do so, click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of the thumbnail, then on the green pencil.

You can then select the images you want to select in the mosaic on the right and then click on "Delete".

This action permanently deletes all the images selected in red.

Delete a point of view

You can also delete an entire point of view by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the thumbnail and then on the red trash can.

Then, you will have to validate the confirmation by clicking on "OK".

To permanently delete all the images in a point of view, you need to delete all the points of view using these images.

What happens if you exceed your storage space?

Your quota is exceeded when you have more images in your account than your storage space allows.

If you exceed your storage space, you'll receive notifications on myTikee and by email. We ask you to regularize your account as soon as possible.

You have 2 options to go back under the storage limit:
increase your storage space
free up some storage space

If you exceed your storage space for 1 month or more, your myTikee account will be suspended. You will then have to contact us via our chat to unblock it. Please specify if you want to increase your storage limit or free up some storage space.

Once your account is unblocked by an Enlaps administrator, you will have until the end of the day (00:00 UTC) to regularize it. If it is not the case, it can only be regularized by purchasing a myTikee license.

In accordance with our general terms and conditions of use, we reserve the right to delete an account that has not been rectified within 4 months.

Updated on: 25/05/2023