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Recording sequences

Sequence types

Sequences with Tikee 3 PRO

Tikee 3 PRO sequences

Sequences with Tikee 3

Tikee 3 PRO sequences

Suggested settings for long term sequence

Settings such as the daily time range, activity days per week and the shooting interval have consequences on the autonomy of the camera and the data consumption.

For a long term sequence, it is advised not to go below 15 min of interval if the sunshine is correct as in summer, and 30 min for more difficult conditions as in winter, or when the weather does not allow to have a sufficient solar load.

For an indoor sequence, the Tikee can be connected to the mains continuously. However, beware of the waterproofing which is no longer guaranteed when the back cap is open.

How to edit a sequence ?

In order to change settings, a sequence can be edited once the Tikee in question has been selected. The green button below lets you enter the editing interface:

Sequence edition

The editing interface allows you to change the shooting period, interval, active days, image sending and storage on SD card:

Sequence edition interface

These changes will be taken into account the next time the Tikee camera is connected to the myTikee cloud platform (the next time you upload photos).

Is it possible to create a recording sequence from myTikee?

Yes, it is possible to create a new sequence from the myTikee cloud platform if the camera is in the active shooting state.

For a first sequence, it is preferable to create the sequences with the Tikee Remote mobile application. It is then possible to edit the sequence parameters from myTikee.

How to add a sequence from myTikee ?

"Waiting for synchronization" on myTikee

If the sequence is in "Waiting for synchronization" status on the myTikee application, this means that the Tikee has not yet connected to myTikee and has not recovered the modifications (change of interval, days or other parameters).

You then have to wait for the next connection of the Tikee, which, in active shooting mode, will connect every 24 hours minimum (if a long-term sequence is in progress, it will connect each time an image is sent, according to the parameters set).

Updated on: 22/12/2022