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Advanced sharing features on myTikee

What sharing features are available on myTikee?

myTikee offers a variety of sharing features to enable you to share your content privately or publicly. The sharing features available depend on the subscription you have chosen.
With subscriptions myTikee Reporting , myTikee Storytelling and myTikee Unlimited you can share your Points of view, Portfolios, Timelapse Builder videos and AI Dashboards. Our myTikee Unlimited subscription allows you to give other users exclusive code-protected access to your project's main resources.

Here is an overview of the sharing methods available on myTikee:

Private links

You can generate private links to share your content with others. With this method, you can share :

Points of view (Viewing page, Image gallery, Last image, Timelapse video)
Portfolios (Viewing page, Control Room).
Timelapse Builder exports
AI Dashboard

Secure links

This feature gives password-protected access to certain key project resources, such as the IA Dashboard and Portfolio.

Secure links are only available with the myTikee Unlimited

Secure links allow you to share your:

Points of view
AI Dashboards with additional security via a code.


Iframes allow you to embed your myTikee content on other websites. You can share your videos, galleries and latest images using this method.

Points of view (Timelapse videos, Image galleries, Last image)
Portfolios (Image Gallery, Control Room)
AI Dashboard

Procore integration

Using the Integrator, you can directly embed your AI Dashboard or Portfolios into Procore, the leading construction management software.

This integration allows you to consult these resources directly from Procore.

Public sharing

You can make your projects public on myTikee, enabling them to be viewed by all users of the cloud platform. A link is also provided so you can share them with your project partners.
With this method, you can share:

Point of view
IA Dashboard
Timelapse Builder exports

With these different sharing methods, myTikee offers users the freedom to share their content in a way that suits their needs, whether privately with specific people or publicly for wider distribution.

Updated on: 13/10/2023