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Winter Season Recommendation

Power Mode Choice:

Optimise the use of the Enlaps Tikee camera by judiciously adjusting its power modes according to battery level:

"Normal" mode (above 30%):
Use this mode to capture and download images normally, guaranteeing the best performance.

Eco Mode (between 15% and 30%):
Switch to this mode to have the camera capture images while storing them locally on the microSD card, avoiding sending them to the cloud. Connect the camera every 24 hours for status updates and configurations.

Below zero and above 40 degrees, charging will not occur.

Power Management :

Optimise capture intervals:

Adjust capture frequencies according to specific monitoring needs. Longer intervals will save energy.

Configure specific times:

Schedule image capture during high sunlight hours to maximise energy efficiency by exploiting solar recharging.
(Always on mode consumes more energy)
Solar Energy Optimisation:

Positioning the solar panel:

Regularly adjust the position of the solar panel to maximise exposure to the sun. Regularly clear it of snow and debris to ensure efficient recharging of the battery.

Adapting to winter conditions:

Consider installing additional solar panels to compensate for frequent low battery levels during winter.

Temperature Considerations:

Strategic placement:

Protect the camera from winter conditions by having a sunny location to maintain optimal operation

Remote Monitoring:

Regular checks:

Make sure the Tikee camera is working properly by regularly checking its remote status reports.

Proactive adjustments:

Use the status reports to monitor battery levels and make adjustments if necessary, ensuring optimum camera performance in all conditions.

Updated on: 03/01/2024