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Change Your myTikee Subscription Email Address

How to change your myTikee subscription email address?

Access the website

Log in to your account on the website's homepage, locate, and click on the login icon.

Access subscriptions. After successfully logging in, click on the "My myTikee subscriptions" tab to access your subscriptions management.

Change myTikee account. In the list of your subscriptions, find the one for which you want to change the e-mail address. Next to this subscription, click on "Change myTikee account"...

Change e-mail address you should see a field where you can enter the new e-mail address you wish to associate with the subscription. Enter the new e-mail address and check carefully that it is correct.

Verification of Modification: Allow a few minutes for the system to process the email address change request on the website.

The change of your e-mail address is carried out immediately.

Updated on: 13/10/2023