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Which features are included in the myTikee Storytelling offer?

The myTikee Storytelling licence give your access to more features on the myTikee cloud platform, such as :
Sharing your images and videos with private links and iframes
Monitoring your cameras on your dashboard and receiving email alerts about your Tikee status
Creating automatically enhanced videos in one click with the Timelapse Builder thanks to our advanced image processing and our best photo selection algorithms
Grouping several Points of View into a single Portfolio and navigating between your cameras on a map
Control room : a dashboard with all the views of your Portfolio, automatically refreshed
Add a blurring mask on your point of view
Automatic image transfer to your FTP server
Store up to 100 000 images per licence
Connect external IP cameras to your account
Adding your own logo to timelapse videos

optional with the myTikee Storytelling + GDPR subscription : automatically blurring people

For more details, here is a comparison chart with all the features.

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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