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myTikee subscription offers

We offer 4 types of myTikee subscription

myTikee Storytelling

For automated content creation

myTikee Reporting

For data analysis and key data and indicators

myTikee Unlimited

AI for global project monitoring

myTikee Enterprise

An on-demand offer, tailored to your requirements

What are the advantages of a myTikee subscription?

Being a subscriber gives you access to more features on the myTikee cloud platform, including:

Upload your timelapse videos in 6K.
Store up to 100,000 images per license
Automatically transfer images to your FTP server
Monitor your cameras from a dashboard and receive email alerts on the status of your Tikee
Share your images and videos with private links and iframes .
Create automatically enhanced videos in just one click with the Timelapse Builder thanks to our advanced image processing and best photo selection algorithms (limited functionality with Reporting subscription)
Blur an area of your scene
Connect external IP cameras to your account

What features are specific to myTikee Storytelling?

myTikee Storytelling includes all the features listed above, and also gives access to specific features for creating professional-quality content:

Group multiple viewpoints into a single Portfolio and navigate between your cameras on a map.
Quickly select your photos with our Artificial Intelligence filters : good weather, brightness, good visibility or beautiful skies.
Control room : a dashboard with all your portfolio views, automatically updated with the latest images received.
Add your own logo to timelapse videos
Viewsfeed: optimized content, selected and automatically generated by our Artificial Intelligence.

What features are specific to myTikee Reporting?

myTikee Reporting is an offer specially designed for optimal monitoring of your project, combining blurring, data analysis and key indicators.
The package includes all the functionalities listed here, plus the ability to automatically blur the people in your photos, and to create Dashboard IA giving access to the following tools:

Graphs: view the number of detections, the activity score and the security score over a selected period.
Key indicators: compare the evolution of the activity score and the security score between 2 selected periods.
Detections: identify different types of objects/vehicles and people on demand in each image.
Heatmap: spatial distribution of personnel and vehicles on site.

Find out more about AI Dashboards on this article.

What features are specific to myTikee Unlimited?

myTikee Unlimited includes all the Storytelling and Reporting features (as well as the common features), plus :

Secure link sharing : gives password-protected access to the resources in your myTikee account, based on a defined list of users identified by email.
Procore Connector: Easily integrate your myTikee IA Portfolios and Dashboards with Procore construction management software.

What features are specific to myTikee Enterprise?

myTikee Enterprise is an on-demand offer, tailored to your requirements and reserved for users with 4 or more cameras.
It gives you access to all the professional features of the three packages mentioned above, as well as :

Multi-account: Manage password-protected access to key project resources (IA Dashboard, Portfolio) using a defined user list.
Priority access to customer support.

For more details, here's a comparative table of subscriptions with all features.

Updated on: 30/06/2023