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What is a Portfolio?

A Portfolio brings together all the photos taken by your Tikee camera by organizing and grouping them.
You can navigate between several cameras on a virtual map in each of your Portfolios thanks to the geolocation of Tikee cameras.

In your viewsfeed, you'll find the best content every day, so you can share it easily.

Each Portfolio can be share thanks to a private sharing link and an iframe of the page.
You can also use the Control Room feature to share images from the Portfolio.

How to create a portfolio on myTikee?

On myTikee, in the Portfolios tab in the left menu, click on the "+".

Fill in the Name and Description fields

Click on the Points of view you want to add to the portfolio.

Select the Public or Private visibility mode for your portfolio

Click on "Save".

Updated on: 26/09/2022