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GDPR Blurring

What is GDPR blurring?

A person blurring option is available with the myTikee Reporting and myTikee Unlimited subscriptions.

Recognizable people are automatically blurred in the images sent by your Tikee.

Once the feature is activated, a new viewpoint will be created with the suffix iablurring where the blurred images will arrive.
So you'll have 2 points of view on your myTikee account, one with the original images and one with the blurred images. These 2 points of view will be fed by the new images sent by your camera.

There may be a delay of about 15 minutes between the arrival of the images in the original point of view and the arrival of the blurred images.

To use this feature, there are a few prerequisites:
you must have an active myTikee Reporting or Unlimited licence
your camera must be connected to the internet and send its images to myTikee

Please note that only new images sent by the camera after activation are blurred. We do not blur images already on myTikee, so you have to activate this feature at the start of your project.

How do you activate blurring on your point of view?

To enable blurring of people, please contact us via our contact form by selecting 'After Sale Services'.

Please specify your order reference (or your invoice if you bought your license from one of our reseller partners), the serial number of your Tikee or the name of your IP camera on which you want to activate blurring.

Your blur will be activated within 24 working hours after your request.

Updated on: 25/05/2023