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Pan & Zoom

How does the Pan & Zoom work on myTikee?

The Pan & Zoom is only available with a myTikee subscription.

The Pan & Zoom lets you add a tracking effect and / or zoom in your timelapse video.
When you activate the Pan & Zoom, two frames appear: Start and End. You can set the position and size of these frames. The timelapse video will then move in the panoramic image
from the ‘Start’ area to get to the ‘End’ area.

The greater the zoom, the lower the resolution. A maximum zoom will allow you to obtain a video in Full HD format minimum.

How to use the Pan & Zoom on your timelapse video?

Go to the Editing page of your Point of View on myTikee by clicking on the three dots at the top left of the thumbnail then on the pencil.

In the Pan & Zoom tile, drag the Pan & Zoom button to the right. If you have a check mark, the Pan & Zoom is enabled, if you have a cross it is disabled.

Choose the position and size of the Start and End frames according to the desired result.
Example: If you decrease the size of the End frame, you will get a zoom in your video.

Check the result by clicking on "Generate Preview" in the Preview tile on the right.

If you are satisfied with the result, click on "Save" at the bottom right of the page. Your new timelapse video will be generated within 1 hour. If not, continue to change the position and size of the frames until you get your result, then save.

How to use the Pan & Zoom with the Timelapse Builder?

The Timelapse Builder Pan & Zoom is a spherical Pan & Zoom, only available with a myTikee Storytelling or Unlimited subscription.

Follow the steps above to set up your Pan & Zoom.

Follow these instructions to start generating your Export with the Timelapse Builder.
In Step 4: Advanced Video Enhancement, select "On" for the Pan & Zoom setting.

Your Pan & Zoom will be applied to your timelapse video that you will find in your Exports.

Because the Pan & Zoom function focuses on a smaller part of the frame, the final resolution of the export will be locked to 1920x1080.

Updated on: 27/06/2023