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GDPR advice and recommendations

How to anonymise the people in your images?

We recommend that you activate the automatic blurring of people on your project.
You will then be able to use these anonymized photos to create and share content.

What if you have an area you don't want to shoot in the field of view of your timelapse camera?

We recommend that you enable the mask blurring on your viewpoint. This mask allows you to define several areas to be blurred (example: street, private building ...) on your photos.
You can then use these photos with the mask to create and share content.

What are our recommendations for complying with the GDPR when installing a Tikee camera?

Inform the people working on the site of the installation of a Tikee camera
Put a sign near the camera indicating the use of the photos taken by the Tikee camera.
Share the anonymized photos with blurring or mask blurring rather than the original images

Updated on: 16/01/2023