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Live Streaming Video from myTikee

How does the Live Streaming Video work?

The Live Streaming Video allows you to access the live video stream from any Tikee camera sensor at any time. It enables you to monitor projects, events, or locations remotely, providing instant access to crucial moments as they happen.
This feature enhances your ability to monitor, share, and engage with your projects in real time, ensuring you stay connected to important events and developments.

To use this feature, there are a few prerequisites:

A valid LTE connection
A SIM card that supports SMS reception
The Always On mode must be activated on your Tikee
The number of triggers is sufficient (the synchronization is limited to 60 times / month).
A Tikee 3 PRO+ camera.
Firmware version 5.3 or later.

Available for myTikee Unlimited and myTikee Enterprise subscriptions.

How to initiate a Live Streaming Video ?

Go to your account on myTikee

Select “My Tikees” in the left menu and click on your camera serial number.

To contact your Tikee, click on “Live Stream”.

Chose between the right or the left lens for your view perspective and click on “Validate”.

It takes 30 seconds for the Live Streaming Video to start. The maximum live duration is 1 minute and is not user-configurable.

At the end of the video live stream, you can click on the cross on the top right corner of the video to close the window.

Launch a live streaming session from your Portfolio:

You can also launch a live streaming session directly from your Portfolio. Simply click on the Live Stream button

Download live sessions

Save your live sessions for future reference. The Live Streaming feature now lets you download the video (HD resolution 1280x960px) at the end of the live viewing session.
The session remains available for download only for 24 hours.
Warning: each new Always ON action will overwrite the previous session. Remember to download your videos beforehand to preserve them.

What to do if the Live Streaming Video doesn’t work?

Check your Tikee’s internet connection.
Check that your Always-On mode is activated.

Updated on: 23/01/2024