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Blocked image upload

Your Tikee is not/no longer uploading any photos

Check the battery level of your Tikee camera on the myTikee cloud platform. Below 30% battery, your Tikee no longer uploads photos although it continues to take photos while storing them on the microSD card. Once the battery level is above 60%, the upload will resume.
If you are using the 4G network, check your 4G plan status (remaining data plan, etc.).
Make sure that the Wi-Fi or 4G throughput allows for photo upload (throughput > 200 Ko/s recommended).
Check that there is still some space left on the microSD card and that the microSD card is not faulty.

To launch a sequence, there should be at least 200 MB of available space left.

After an update, your Tikee doesn't send pictures anymore

After an update, the recording sequences and connection parameters (Wi-Fi and/or 4G) are reset. You will then need to set them up again.

Updated on: 24/01/2024